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California Public Utilities Commission

RE: SOCRE Project
c/o Ecology and Environment, Inc.
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RE: SUPPORT South Orange County Reliability Enhancement

Reliable power is critical for South Orange County.  San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) spent years developing the South Orange County Reliability Enhancement (SOCRE) project and planned it carefully to maximize the benefits by upgrading a system within its existing corridor that would modernize decades-old equipment while also creating redundancy in the electrical transmission system to provide reliability.  The project would also be built on existing SDG&E property, thus minimizing the cost and environmental impacts.

The proposed SOCRE project provides reliability, redundancy and increased capacity all while protecting the ratepayer.  Therefore, I don’t understand why the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) staff would recommend alternatives that do not address the redundancy issue in an efficient way.

The idea that South Orange County can “shed load” or have our power shut off as a solution to our need for a redundant and reliable electrical transmission system is irresponsible at best.  Reconductoring the 138kV transmission lines again provides no system redundancy as all of the 230kV power will continue to flow through the Talega substation and if anything happens at that substation, the entire region loses power.  The alternative of tying into Southern California Edison lines on property that neither utility owns is fraught with challenges and inevitable delays.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) notes that the proposed project would have no permanent significant environmental impacts.  Although there may be some temporary environmental impacts during construction, these temporary impacts are worth the benefit of decades of reliable electric power through the development of a redundant system that provides safety and reliability for generations to come.

I am a member of Citizens for Safe and Reliable Power and I support the SDG&E South Orange County Reliability Enhancement project and encourage you to vote in support of the project as proposed by SDG&E.



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