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SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO (May 23, 2012) – The Citizens for Safe and Reliable Power (CSRP) is pleased to learn that San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has filed its application with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for the South Orange County Reliability Enhancement (SOCRE), which starts the clock on the public permitting and regulatory process.

“South Orange County has not had an upgrade in its transmission lines in nearly 30 years and the substation in San Juan Capistrano has been untouched for more than 50 years,” said CSRP Co-Chair Stephanie Frisch, a San Juan Capistrano resident. “It’s time that San Juan Capistrano and all of South Orange County receives the added electrical capacity and system reliability we need to protect our quality of life.”

If approved by the CPUC, the project will upgrade one of SDG&E’s two sets of transmission lines from 138kV to 230kV and replace some of the current wood poles and trellis towers with uniform metal poles. The project will also rebuild the San Juan Capistrano substation, which was originally built in 1918 and has only been upgraded once since then. The project will take four-to-five years to complete.

“The CSRP will review and analyze the application and we look forward to participating in the public review process,” said CSRP co-chair and former San Clemente Mayor Joe Anderson.

The public review process is expected to take about 18 months and be completed by the end of 2013.

View the press release CSRP_News_Release_052312.

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